Sauerkraut with horseradish

Submitted by enr on 24 Sep 2010
sea salt
Cabbage ranks in churn as two or three places put horseradish. Cabbage can be cut and sliced. Must be kept at least 10 cm free space to the port. Top put more porcelain bowl upside down (I put upside down tray of alpaca) and begin to pour water, just watch how many liters will put because on the bottom of the plate / tray, which should nice covered with water, will have to put in 1 liter of water 33 g of sea salt. Do not worry, that will put the salt pile. During these 15 days it melts gradually. If you doubt that closing the lid will put air in a plastic covering over the opening and then close the lid and touch more. Not decanted, will not open for at least 15 days. After 15 days (I for sure it open to 20 days), you ready cabbage. And not to worry, that can not happen now try in a 10 liter bidonche, for example, 1-2 cabbages.
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24 Sep 2010


Very easy and lazy way to prepare cabbage, I will try to do here but cabbage is a little hard, the climate is warm and horseradish in Libyan lands will not find. Nelly would now gets you sauerkraut? Any tips from your experience?

I do not know what to say I've done with Bulgarian white cabbage until now. Besides for horseradish think if he could be replaced with hardware / mustard seed / to tie in gauze and placed in several locations. Whether in their shops for spices will not have it. Try one with cabbage and success

steffanell, do not worry about horseradish. I do not put and became great. And carrots put in cabbage, but they are a little late cabbage. But I still think that it is better to pretakva, at least in a few days. And faster it :)

Vlagodarya you for your advice, I have Hardy and use it as do pickles, I will try a few cabbages and write what happened.

Tap Google lazy cabbage and sauerkraut for rapid consumption, there are many interesting tips for the sauerkraut!

Very good recipe! I recommend you also in the head of cabbage to cut in a pyramid in which to place salt and cabbages to face up to the book - this is in case you prefer to put cabbages purposes and not cut. The rest is a matter of time :) Cheers!

I loved this recipe. Just got back from the market with cabbage and immediately try it.

Nelly, today I did 3 cabbages in a bucket, lid not move me I have zalipila Scotch, here the temperatures are between 19 and 26 grams. my question is at these temperatures how many days should stay closed?

recipe endured, today opened it and is almost ready wants more someday, for sure I opened the salt in the water, it is very easy without pretakva!