Schnitzel in hazelnut Paris panada

Submitted by enr on 24 Feb 2014
1 kg fillet - turkey, chicken, beef or pork
200 g ground hazelnuts
4 eggs
salt, pepper
sunflower oil for frying
lemon optional
Schnitzel in hazelnut Paris panada
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Fillet is cut Puck 10 by cutting transversely through the fibers of the meat. Washers are crushed and lightly salting. Eggs broken with salt and pepper. Each schnitzel is add some in hazelnuts, as well pressed. Dip in egg on both sides and fry in sunflower oil over medium heat until it is golden brown. Serve with lemon. * Paris panada is called the way of a batter when the meat is pressed first in flour, then in egg and fry without breadcrumbs. In my case the flour is replaced with ground hazelnuts. * The oil change after about two batches because hazelnuts burned quickly and blacken. * Beef is not appropriate.
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24 Feb 2014


Aliana, but whether it will be in the oven (to be healthier)

frankly tell you that I do not know :) This is one of the few dishes that I did not try to adapt to neparzheneto. Egg problem. I guess if zagreesh oven grill and put them on the top rail, should they *grab* and the egg to harden. Then turn them already on the other side. You only need to find a balance, do not burn panada before the meat is ready ... Many ask if you ever try to batter in the oven, I said, I would be very interesting.

I'll try, as we look limit fried food to a minimum, and will share the final result, may get!

Good luck and wait to share :)

Today I made schnitzel became great, I decided to make them easier to pan which zastelih plain baking paper (I was not really sure about the outcome of this made 2 fillets that I had left over from another meal) without any fat! Final result cutlets which were very tasty and most important - health. Now and take breaded! Well will try and oven sometime, but the pan definitely become like * original * here's a photo is not very good, but I had no time to arrange! Aliana thanks to your recipe I found this kind of batter-Thank you!

Very, very happy! Here you will be doing next to us! Thank you decide :) The picture is super!

Rally, will try this and your *Parisian* yummy! As for the panel in the oven - I tried with slices of mince. Here is the trick - put oil in the pan and insert in the oven to warm up very well. During this time preparing schnitzel. Wadi pan with hot oil and *lightning* Order schnitzel - again in the oven. So baked very well and the breading not snag. Let me forgive the author of the idea of ​​culinary creat that do not remember her name, but the method works. She even recommended pan with boiling oil can not be removed entirely, and half and lining schnitzel (meatballs). But to me it was quite hot and I could just follow the instructions. Then only turned once. Again became great! Try that! Hello! :)

I'm sure this will get better, but unfortunately not empty frying ...

flower, but since it was boiling oil, then fry again - whether it is heated on a hot plate or oven when the product is placed in hot oil, then fry ... Except in the oven can fry all at once, because the baking pan is larger than the pan :) Thanks for the idea :)