Snails with zelenishi

Submitted by enr on 30 Apr 2010
25-30 snails
1 bunch dock (nettle, orache)
3-4 onions (1 bunch spring onions)
400 g canned tomatoes
4-5 with. L. Sunflower oil
salt, mint
oatmeal, rice - optional
Snails with zelenishi
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Snails stay overnight in a well sealed plastic bag in a saucepan, cover with lid and with a weight on top. Then washed thoroughly with water and put in a bowl with cold water (thus they fail to shrink into their shells and are easy to remove). Then boil water, fire is reduced. The foam that is formed is continuously removed with a slotted spoon. After boiled for 15 minutes, is cooled and cleared of the intestine. Rinse again, sprinkle with salt and vinegar, rubbing sore nice and rinsed again. This is done 2-3 times. Then boil for about 45 minutes (in the water put dry twig savory and dry color of dill, but can without them). 10 minutes before removing from heat and add salt to taste. I variant: In the heated sunflower oil stew chopped onion. Add the chopped tomatoes, scalded and pre-cut dock, the chopped snails and salt it. Serve stew a few minutes and sprinkle with chopped mint. II variant: Add 1/2 cup fine oatmeal and so hot broth or water. Simmer for 5 minutes. III variant: Add 1/2 cup rice and 1 1/2 cups hot water. Simmer until the rice absorbs the liquid.
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30 Apr 2010


Bravo, Ina! We love snails and here now another option for cooking. Thank you!

Very good recipe. Like snails, but unfortunately I have not eaten long ago. For all inexperienced very tasty.

We were in a village and you accumulate a *clean* dock and snails. I know a lot of recipes with snails, but at the moment the availability of these products gave me the opportunity for this recipe. I made her on the first option, and while getting ready, I thought to try with the addition of oatmeal. So the first two options have already been tried. Image is oatmeal. I'm glad you like the recipe, and I assure you - it is delicious!

I love snails, but I have not eaten for many years. Does anyone know where we can buy?