Sour Apple

Submitted by enr on 23 Sep 2013
750 g of apples
5 cups water
2/3 cup starch
2 cup sugar
1 vanilla
citric acid to taste
Apples are washed and peeled, cleaned of seminal part and cut into slices. In boiling water, peel and place the seed of the apples and cook a few minutes. The liquid is filtered and it is boiled until Braising fruit. Blend or stir with a mixer together with liquid and reheated to boiling. Was added under constant agitation mixed with the cold water of starch. The mixture is seasoned with citric acid and vanilla and boiled for several minutes. The reconstituted acid poured into dessert bowls, cool and serve.
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23 Sep 2013


How big is 1 k. h.

Up - down to 100g.

veni89, then put about 1 pm. H. Starch? Corn, wheat, or does not matter?

In recipe 2 are roughly accounted for about 150g. starch. No matter what the starch.

favorite childhood dessert. Thanks for the recipe!

Molya, not why. I hope I'm useful to something because everyone keeps memories from childhood.