Strudel puff pastry with cherry

Submitted by enr on 04 Jun 2009
450 g puff pastry
300-400 g pitted cherries
6-7 tbsp sugar
3 tbsp breadcrumbs
1 egg for egg wash
Strudel puff pastry with cherry
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Cherries sprinkled with sugar and breadcrumbs and were stirred. On puff dough in one end sprinkles a little bread crumbs on it and put the cherries. Turn the dough and slips under cherries. Brush with beaten egg. Make the cut diagonally as shallow. Bake until golden.
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04 Jun 2009


MMM, very tasty! Bravo Maggie! To favorites is!

Terrific! :) I guess it can be done with other sweet fruits. It can be done at any time, not only in the season of cherries. Maggie, thanks!

Today I did with cherry jam Ina became fantasy! I could not shoot, done in seconds. But I know that it is very tasty as fresh cherries and jam! :)

Again, in a double dose of fresh cherries! :)

Bobby, so appetizing photograph you do that ... will probably be necessary for me to do, but we no longer cherries will have to use sweet :)

Villas, thanks! :) We still sell cherries, big, fleshy from Kyustendil. My family loves this strudel, as with fresh cherries and jam! Personally, I prefer it with sweet because it tastes sweet killer. ;) I will not regret if you decide to do it! :)