Stuffed Chicken Vicky

Submitted by enr on 29 Mar 2013
1 chicken
300 g rice
200 g green beans (canned)
3 carrots
3 onion
2 tomatoes
50 g butter
100-200 g feta cheese
savory black pepper salt
Stuffed Chicken Vicky
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First wash the chicken. Then salted inside and out and put it to bake it Spread top with a little butter and add about 500-600 ml water. Bake at 200C, paying 4 times and always should be smeared with butter of this country, which is on top. While the chicken is baked clean rice, chopped onions, carrots and green beans, and tomatoes are peeled and then cut. He smeared pan and put the stove. Add onion, rice, carrots, green beans and tomatoes - consistently. Finally add the spices, but watch the chicken during this time. After the chicken is flushed remove it and put it in a small platter. Broth, which is separated in roasting chicken pour in the rice and leave on low heat to boil. During this time the full chicken with feta cheese Sew it or him put toothpicks in order not to fall the feta cheese. Then remove the rice from the heat and put in the middle of the chicken. Add about 500 ml water and bake in the oven again at 200C.
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29 Mar 2013