Sweet rocks - II type

Submitted by enr on 12 Mar 2014
250 g tea biscuits
100 g chopped walnuts
125 g melted butter
powdered sugar to taste
3 tbsp cocoa
3 tbsp rum or two vanilla
# For glaze:
100 g natural chocolate
1 tsp sunflower oil
coconut, crushed walnuts, sugar balls, chocolate sprinkles and more.
Sweet rocks - II type
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Crushed biscuits (I used Everest cocoa) very finely. The easiest way is with a food processor, I do because I do not put them in two bags (one another) and shattered them with a mallet for steaks. Similarly proceed with the walnuts. Biscuits mingled with the dry ingredients first - the walnuts, sugar (I put 6 tbsp), cocoa, stirring and the mixture added to the melted butter and rum. Stir well to mix products. Then using a spoon scoop the mixture with two hands Frame in the shape of a cone. The design of the sweet rocks desirable squeezing hands mixture to a stable form. If the mixture seem too liquid or dry, and the sweet rocks disintegrate, respectively add more cookies or butter. For the icing - chocolate melted in a water bath. To the finished chocolate added sunflower oil, for more shine. Using a spoon flush any small rocks. When the chocolate began to clamp the sweet rocks sprinkled with plenty of coconut and sugar balls. The sweet rocks kept cool. * The butter helps in bonding products. * If rum bother you in some way may be omitted and put 2 vanilla.
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12 Mar 2014


gold, thanks to shared recipe! :) They look very tasty, my daughter loves them. Toss to favorites! ;)

Lirinka, I'm glad you liked it. The recipe is absolutely accurate, I do not need to add anything to the mix. Become perfect, I shaped small rocks with ease. They left me 23 pieces.

gold, thanks for the info! :) So there will be pleased ... ;)

are wonderful! Time sold in pastry shops like. With these ingredients may not be delicious! :)

Before them less prepared, I hope tonight they surprise all home! :)

Lirinka, chudnichki become :) To share then whether they liked :)

gold liked them! Thank you! :) Little tvardichki or dry, I do not know how to express. Do compared to Commercial Premium. I wonder if you put a little liquid (milk), if there is more - well !? Did anyway! :)

For our taste were perfect :) Yeah, maybe next time to put milk or increase a little oil until about 150 g.

Great are uniquely delicious! Well, I managed to photograph them because they started before you take the phone and before the chocolate is firm. The recipe is absolutely accurate, have kept the exact proportions and I had no problem with the shaping of the dough. I had rum, but I put Amarillo, which give them great flavor and taste. I suppose with Baileys will become very aromatic. Maybe get a little dry if you do not add these 3 tablespoons of any liquid, so maybe it's better if you do not use rum or other add milk. Thanks for the wonderful recipe!

looks great kadrina, very glad that you liked :) The recipe is really precise and get wonderful small rocks.

And I join all positive comments on this recipe! Were very tasty small rocks.