Thai chilli sauce Nam Pla Prik

Submitted by enr on 03 May 2014
40 chillies Birds eye chili (Thai chili) - about '80
3-4 cloves garlic
200 ml fish sauce (fish sauce)
100 ml lime juice
1 / 2 lime
sugar optional
Thai chilli sauce Nam Pla Prik
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Chillies are cut into rings with a thickness of 3-4 mm, removable handle. It is the processing of the peppers to it with rubber gloves - are very hot and difficult to wash afterwards. Garlic is cleaned and cut into small pieces. Lime cut into 7-8 pieces. Thus prepared products are placed in a jar or other sealable container and pour fish sauce and lime juice, mix well. Optional put a little sugar and stir again - Sugar not to sweetens the sauce, to balance a little salinity, no more than 1-3 tbsp * This is a versatile sauce, very common in Thailand you will find it on the table in almost every restaurant and home. * The name of the sauce comes from its products - Nam Pla means fish sauce, Prik Thai chilies. * It is used for rice dishes, noodles and curries, suitable for meat, vegetables and fish. * The sauce is very hot, too savory and sour - put at least until you hit how tasty. * Chile peppers reduce pungency as stay in the sauce and become easier to eat. * The proportions may change in taste.
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03 May 2014


interesting I would try it, but fish sauce somehow I do not like, you can substitute another type

Petya, it is one of two major components, a little hard to replace ... Principle might work with soy sauce, but do not know how it would taste then. Lime juice kills the strong flavor of fish sauce, as if we can put more.

the main thing is that I do not like any fish, and it can not appeal to me, I love pungent, so I want to try it in a different sauce if you can

Petya, the fish sauce is not just fish with lime juice and balance is not so strong, I'm not a lover of fish and seafood, but this sauce like him. You can try with soy sauce flavored mushrooms to replace fish in this recipe or to nakisnesh chopped chillies in soy sauce - will be Nam Pla Prik, but would still be spicy and tasty. View and other spicy sauces, there are interesting and if they are interested in Thai cuisine in particular, sttel said recently that - Сладко pepper sauce , is also very nice.

example and this fish sauce where I can find it I guess the big chains and all you fish sauce becomes or only one who is in the photo

Petya, fish sauce (fish sauce) is a specific sauce like soy - liquid and salty, with a bright red color, with a strong maritime flavor, used very much in Thai cuisine (and Asian as a whole). Hardly be found everywhere, in the foreign section of large supermarkets or in specialized Asian shops and of course, you can use any brand have :)

in our small town shops do not have such things count Kaufland only him we have a large chain lol

Unfortunately, if there is no where to find fish sauce, this recipe is difficult to prepare ...

May be it will be