Universal brine

Submitted by enr on 26 Jul 2011
750 ml vinegar
1.25 liters of water
300 g sugar
5 tbsp salt
5 aspirin tablets
The 3-liter bottle mix products listed and allow to dissolve in the liquid sugar, salt and chopped aspirin. The brine is suitable for preparing all kinds of vegetables pickled without thermal treatment and an added preservative. To the vegetables can add garlic, celery, dill or other favorite spices.
Very easy
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26 Jul 2011


This brine is a good solution for working hosts. Premixed days ago, saving time-only arrange the vegetables in jars, pour sealed and arranged in the basement.

will surely try this year. Thank you for the facility, which was brought to my hectic day.

recipe for the brine close to the old Bulgarian recipe of our grandmothers, which prepared a PIPERENTSA-mixed pickled vegetables, nedoozryalo grapes, pears and wild dincheta in the tub.

Should not be hot when you pour the jar?

It is not necessary, the temperature is room temperature.

This ratio sugar -Salt will not become sweet? Sugar is 300 grams and only 5 tablespoons salt.

It is sweet because vinegar is 750 ml.

This brine okay for pickles? I mean you tried her about it.

Yes, it is for each type of vegetable.