Yoghurt bomb

Submitted by enr on 03 Jun 2010
500 g yogurt
400 ml cream
120 g of sugar (or to taste)
2 vanilla
rind of 1 lemon
fruit for decoration
Yoghurt bomb
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Yogurt mixed with sugar, finely grated lemon peel and vanilla. The cream is stirred in the snow and is added to the yogurt. Mix well. Colander or large strainer is stood with cheesecloth or tea towel. The mixture is poured into a colander (strainer) and smoothed. Colander (filter) is placed in a deep bowl so as to not touch the bottom of the bowl and placed in a refrigerator overnight. From time to time pour the liquid drained into the bowl. Yoghurt bomb turns on platter and garnish with fruit. Optional Yoghurt bomb can be flood coated cake of others. Oetker. So the fruit will not fade and will maintain their freshness.
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03 Jun 2010


Easy, effective, tasty. Every time you give interesting ideas. I vaprosche 1-what is this coating for cakes, if you have the opportunity to show him a picture.

akva7, it is gelling coating. I do not know whether it is in BG. Thanks for rating:-) The recipe is not mine, I recorded it from somewhere and I had somewhat forgotten. Fresh dessert for summer:-)

terrific offer for hot summer days! Very beautiful decoration. Bravo!