Pretzels with leeks

Submitted by enr on 28 Feb 2010
1 cup white wine
1 cup olive oil (sunflower oil)
500 g flour with bulking
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt
2-3 leeks onion
Pretzels with leeks
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Luke cut into rings and fry in 3-4 tbsp sunflower oil. Of the other products knead dough, finally added and leeks. A sticky and soft dough. Whichever is less than the dough and shape pretzels as bagels. Bake in preheated 200 C oven 25-30 minutes. * In addition leeks pretzels can be prepared with carrot, spinach and other zelenishi.
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28 Feb 2010


They go to 50pcs., But I managed to shoot only so :)

Wonderful recipe can be on top sprinkle with caraway seeds.

And if I want to do the type of flour, baking powder I put or yeast? Carrots and other greens and they got fried or ...?

naxos I think we should put bakpoluver, I think that if you put yeast will become something else entirely, and with regard to other zelenishi and carrots must-braised. And also to the dough can add a little grated cheese :)

Vesi, super salty! Bravo, put in favorites :)

Zabrazhila I write but that is spread out across the baking paper in the baking pan, and because I was in a hurry and did not have available littered newspaper that the photo is evident (Aki approve them in December): D

Congratulations photos Vesi if strapped for baking paper will use newspaper!

Many interesting pretzels. :)

And me a photograph to see if you like them at home? I-BRAVO!

Perunika thanks for the photo Taqman thinking who knows when I'll have time to Barna again to them snapped ready :) I climbed, but was of poor quality :)

Once again, I make them! Miracles are :)!

Today they prepared! :) We liked! But something was wrong. Do not become like those of Nelly. I guess I was wrong somewhere. I used flour Sofia Mel classic 500 + '10 baking powder. Mary with a glass of 200 ml., But I think the wine and the oil should be slightly higher. Dough I do not get sticky and soft. As RCA pour a cup exactly 500 meal, rather than gradually. Not remained nevertheless! The next time will be perfect! ;)

NEPC, now will you write milliliters of the cup !? ;) Upload photos, few suhichki, but delicious! Wow ... how you have set as a rookie! ;)

Bobby, and I used a glass of 200ml, but to tell you the truth ... I have not flour Mary :). In shaping pretzels We use extra fat / oil / so I was easier to shape them :) !!I hope I have been helpful :), although your pretzels not look bad :)!

Nelly, thanks! :) They were delicious, but obviously the flour had to be a bit more - a little. How to express, your pictured my look - mekichki and not so dry !? The next time will be the top. Repetition is the mother of knowledge. ;)