Croissants Annie

Submitted by enr on 04 Mar 2009
600 g flour
1/3 cube of yeast
3 eggs
50 g honey
50 g sugar
100 ml milk
Croissants Annie
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On products knead soft, fluffy dough. Roll out a thin crust and cut into triangles and turns from the base to the top. So ready croissants to rise for 30-40 minutes. Optional may be smeared with egg yolk and then baked for 10-15 minutes at 150 C.
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04 Mar 2009


awesome and delicious, will do in the near future. Bravo Annie thank you for the easy recipe.

This recipe for croissants you are or muffins? I imagine them croissants puff pastry as pictured. Do not put butter or some other fat?

Is can be made with dry yeast, if so, how much is put?

In the case of fresh yeast can be replaced with 7 g dry yeast. The image shows that the croissants are flaky pastry, suggesting that there should be oil in the dough.

recipe for croissants and yeast think may be of bag 1pc. I think there will be no problem if it is so, but to become like the image must be puff pastry would not become such. I sum put it this image to get an idea just for the recipe.

It's a pity that there is no correlation between the recipe and the picture.

Can someone put this recipe image to see how others look croissants.

Ani, does not put any fat it? Did you get them?

fat in the product will, but when you knead your hands dip into fat, to intervene more easily.

Annie when I messiah'm nabrashnyavala hands and when I leave the dough in the bowl and then covered it over with oil. With greasy hands I can not imagine interfere, but surely so interfere croissants.

I do not know then :) everyone has his technique, but for a particular recipe is so, try :)

I'm sorry ladies but the croissants not make a lot of dough sheet. I have worked in this area before 8 years. I think it is similar but without honey, we then there Roll out the dough on a machine called the laminator. But in the dough before it is put margarine, make package so called and processed on croissants are so leafy.

someone doing them? I want to try but honey but all other recipes and put margarine ... and this picture of this recipe is it?

Ani 777y, the image of the net - Annie wrote the source. I rule this recipe without honey / I do not want to waste it in dough / and got buns, however, with the French name :). Have nothing to do with savory copy of the photo. But you were mekichki and delicious at least 3 days. Can put and some stuffing.

ayam thanks ... maybe I will make them and put photos annoy me because many photos are not in the recipe

I still ask - really do not put any fat?

These are not any ordinary nai croissants and muffins!