Tarama caviar concentrate

Submitted by enr on 30 May 2010
120 g of caviar-concentrate
poizsahnal white bread
1 onion
lemon juice to taste
1 liter of sunflower oil
carbonated water - if needed
Tarama caviar concentrate
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First prepare the concentrate - mostly used for spawning fish in Bulgaria are carp and bream. The fish was cut open and gently remove the egg, in which the skin is covered not to be cleaved. Then passed through a colander, care is to remove only the clean grain caviar. It salting caviar - 500 g of caviar add 120 g of salt. Stir, put it in a jar and pour the sunflower oil. After time again make sunflower oil, caviar should not be left dry. Put it in the fridge to mature, usually about a month. Thus preserved, caviar can stand and year in the refrigerator. During ripening he changes color and when it obtains the amber red, ready for use. ripe eggs are put in a bowl and crushed with a wooden spoon to crack nipples. Then stirred with a mixer with 20 ml sunflower oil, add soaked in water and drained bread. Trickle add the oil, caviar swell. Stirring was stopped when the well is a salt. Add the grated and drained onion and lemon juice. Mix well, if caviar is solid or savory, add a little soda water. In Bulgaria I have not seen sell concentrate in Greece and Cyprus has, he is cod and it is pink when crashing otherwise the technology is the same. Mixing can be used and blender, but with mixer is better - mining mayonnaise consistency and is more fluffy.
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30 May 2010


I have studied to smash eggs from my grandmother (she was Greek). The recipe is very precise, well done! I did not know that he can add soda water, but always at the end of the break-up put 2 tablespoons hot water, it becomes snow caviar. And if you cross add a little breadcrumbs and continues to break.

very precise recipe. I prepare a concentrate of gobies or repent, as it is known in Varna much we like. Keep concentrate long time in the refrigerator.

will now try with caviar Nikulden carp, may be ripe enough. If not mature well, will you get?

Instead of breadcrumbs I add some boiled potato puree until a sufficient density. For soda did not know, but it is a nice fluffy :)

This is one of our favorite recipes! The whole family likes her very much. For holidays they always prepare.

For Bulgaria do not know, but in Burgas sold. Most often fever or carp.