Vulkancheta of mince Eti

Submitted by enr on 27 Jun 2011
600 g minced meat
2 potatoes
1 onion
1 slice bread
1 egg
one tbsp yogurt
mix of vegetables
6 triangles processed cheese (200 g)
6 slices of feta cheese or cheddar cheese
salt, pepper
Vulkancheta of mince Eti
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Minced meat is kneaded with grated onion, toast previously soaked in water and strained, egg and yogurt. Add the cooked and mashed potatoes already. Suck pan with sunflower oil. Shape of minced meat wells, which we fill with mix of vegetables (peas, carrots, broccoli). On any vulkanche put 1 processed cheese (triangle). Bake in preheated oven about 30 minutes or until ready, then subtract tray and on each vulkanche, put 1 slice of Cheddar cheese (cheese). Back 2 minutes in the oven. Serve warm with fresh summer salad.
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27 Jun 2011


interesting idea. Goes to Favorites waiting to order.

And to me it sounds interesting and is very suitable for guests because their is Porcius. Saturday will prepare, in this heat that night I did not include oven

Tasty and quick meal. Thanks Eti :)

interesting offer! If the vegetables are frozen mix blanched you in advance?

Really interesting proposal, especially suitable for guests. At me too interesting to mix. I guess it comes to frozen. Do not thaw in advance?

I put some carrots with potatoes suffocate and peas and canned pickles in the wells. If you put a frozen mix, I think it will take at least slightly steamed vegetables - until almost.

These appetizing pictures Who can resist ?! Because I canned peas, will use the idea of ​​Bonnie, but will boil carrots with potatoes.

Hello, I'm glad you liked the recipe. I used frozen mix that thawed steam. Proposal with pickles liked and I will try next time.