Sugar dough (the Fund) to figures

Submitted by enr on 03 Mar 2013
9 g gelatin
120 ml glucose
1 kg of powdered sugar
1 tsp glycerin
1/2 tsp citric acid
60 ml cold water
Sugar dough (the Fund) to figures
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Powdered sugar sifted. Gelatin is placed in 60 ml cold water to thicken and then thawed in a water bath. To this was added the glycerol, glucose and flavorings. The whole was stirred and added to a powdered sugar. Mix well to form a dough. The dough should not be sticky or crumble. Place in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour, and the better one day. Then subtract the required amount stained with harmless paint modeled. * The figures leave at least a day or two to dry. * Recipe cake is Торта Fortunately .
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03 Mar 2013


You are buying from glucose?

From Billa. Some time ago, many have searched and only found her there.

recipe is one to one with this, which I do, but I put half a teaspoon of salt, and use fondant for covering cakes, not for making figurines. It is flexible (from gelatine) and wet (from glycerin), and these qualities make it ideal for rolling out and finishing. In my experience, making figurines need firmer fondant, which dries faster (not one or two days), and most importantly - not deformed by its own weight, as happens with figurines made with this fondant . To take a relatively small figures with little details can be used this recipe, but more detailed, bigger or vice versa - very small and subtle workings begin to visible shortcomings of the fund - such as cylindrical shapes begin to *slump *- expand the lower end and deform. Hands and feet of human figures extend or sag, upturned members are brought down, unable to make the fingers, curls, elements of clothing and so on.. Since it is very soft and elastic, fondant can not be precise thinning. The recipe here is known as Rollfondant, i. E. For rolling out and fully meets its name :) Naturally fondant does not forgive the slightest bump in the cake, which once again shows the indispensable importance of the preparation of the cake before coating - finishing to complete smoothness and precise passing of the Fund.

Aliana, thanks! Useful information! Can you share the recipe for the figures to make it a try and compare!

Aliana, photos themselves speak for themselves, you can see the fund suitable or is not. Covering a cake, large figures and small details I did it and I dare say that I am very pleased and I receive. Many turned their shape your figurines fund when cold is it and where you keep it. I take much to make a figurine paint in the right color and the rest of it pibiram in bag in the refrigerator, so the design becomes easy and precise. Use and Tayloza ..If you know the recipe will Cerrado to share it. Try this with figures may be obtained. Good luck!

vkusnahapka, exactly what I mean - the very figures speak for themselves. Undoubtedly have talent and I am sure that with the right material will find completely new dimension to what is impossible to create with their hands. See small details - the petals and sheets - with the right mix would manage to make them twice as precise. See paws of the animals. Talk about the same. Furthermore itself you say the benefits and tayloza (which is not mentioned in products), and it fundamentally changes the consistency of the fund. If you put more in to mix becomes quite another recipe with a very different purpose. If added in kneading - again makes the mixture more firm and quick drying. Moreover, large figures do not see - great figures from 300-400 g fondant ... In my comment I just wanted to be useful and not to be placed in the position of showing flaws. Many consumer here could confirm that I gave them exactly this recipe for coverage fondan- ELTI, Nelly, Ivelina, Galia and many others. Two other recipes use for making flowers. And when mixed fondant on this recipe and paste flowers in different proportions - then gets modeling mixture vidagi is just as necessary.

Yes maybe so, but I did not see in your recipes super manufacture of figurines or such recipe. But you're more experienced, we are here to share and learn. Take courage!