Chicken with potatoes in the oven

Submitted by enr on 05 Jan 2010
1 chicken
1 kg potatoes
salt, vegeta, pepper
soy sauce
sunflower oil
Chicken with potatoes in the oven
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Chicken cut into portions, add salt with a little salt and soy sauce rub with pepper and vegetata. Portions are placed in a tray and arrange around them chopped in large pieces and savory potatoes. Sprinkle with sunflower oil, pour a glass of water and cover with foil. Bake in preheated 200 ° C oven for half an hour, finally removing fthe oil and bake for 5-10 minutes. * With salt careful - and soy sauce and vegetata contain it to watch not wearing much. * broiler chicken is (such as the store), not home, so food is prepared in this way.
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05 Jan 2010


Very tasty, fast and easy-cooked meal. Bravo :)

A soy sauce where and when added? :) Or is safe for marinating the chicken? Looks very tasty!

Well soy sauce is placed in principle for a taste enhancer, but if you put it during cooking, so all the ingredients will be seasoned .. at least I do.

I apologize for the failure - soy sauce sprinkled on portions with pepper and vegetata. Be careful with the salt - and soy sauce and vegetata contain it, try not to put a lot! And thank you for the nice comments :)

Since I am a novice chef could you tell me whether the chicken should be cooked before or put raw. I never bake Alum. film and have another vaprosche bake until you have to turn the chicken and top and bottom wire you bake. Thanks

mimetics, the chicken is raw, and put the pan in the oven and roast included upper and lower wire. You can view pictures that I have uploaded to the recipe. And I thank you for your attention :)

Mmm dish became great. Maggie, thanks for your help and for the great recipe. Goes to favorites and will definitely prepare it often.

Rada that you like Mimeto :)

recipe is super, potatoes are great, but my chicken was raw. Today I'm doing it for the second time with drinking. legs Paiute 90min with foil and about 30-40min without it, and paying legs, but again were slightly raw! I do not know why so!

pol_la, 2:00 to 200C should be enough to roast and the largest chicken legs ... You can also increase the temperature (if baked in the oven less you) or to pre-boil the legs (the taste will not be exactly the same, but at least it will be cooked).

I therefore nb, PBO put chicken and okolro after 15 minutes took the baking pan, and added potatoes prodylzhiha pro instructions recipe

pol_la, lest the problem is in the very chicken - if the store does not know how a year ... And each oven has its own peculiarity - I have two and bake various degrees - if one is 160-170S, the other is 180-200S Nevi :) thank you :)

my favorite dish.

I also tried it as a beginner cook I love easy recipes. Every time I get perfect to me.

very good, tasty and easy to prepare recipe

I'm glad you like this recipe - easy and successful :)

I only now do, instead of a glass of water or a glass of white wine, I hope to get tastier than with Voditza ... I will share impressions then :)

Abe everything nice, but when you put the potatoes with chicken early, earning them an hour and a half will happen to mess! The potatoes are placed half an hour before the dish is ready, so stay crunchy crust and receive, and spices are felt best.

Always roast chicken parts and potatoes together, the rind is obtained plate. For half an hour in my oven will be ready potatoes :) matter of taste and oven is how you bake, everyone can judge for yourself.

Not with me potato mash, so prepare him for a long time. Chickens we raise them, broilers, but are much larger than those in the store - all cleared about three kilograms, so divide them in half and use a dish in half - 1, 5 kg. So I'm sure that if you use store-bought will not have a problem. If you have a home - then it posvarete hour and a half at least :)

made dish recipe. I followed everyone goes written and was great! Chicken cooked perfectly, and the potatoes were very tasty! :)

chicks became chudnichko! Thanks for the recipe! :)

Maggie, thanks for the great idea! With vegeta and soy sauce became great! All at home were fascinated and I ate tasty! I only regret that I am on a diet without spices and could not eat. But after a month ...

strange happened today I did, thank you for the recipe :) :) :)

Maggie, not for the first time will cook your recipe! Always gets very tasty! I know that the chicken with potatoes will be fantastic!

Instead of water put beer. Was very tasty.

Mmm yummy great work!

A kromidets can you put in the fries?

di01, if you can, but it will not be the same! In my opinion, will spoil the magic of the dish! :)

classic recipe is delicious :)

Vkusotiyayaya, one of the favorite dishes of the children.

Whether, if instead of using a large clay pan stew will get? I think tomorrow to try.

will get. I often use clay casseroles. Becomes great.

Very easy and delicious recipe! Instead of water and an prepare beer, than that is a fruity taste - best with lemon, grapefruit but with it. And put a little clean oil.

Beer not put potatoes because - I do not like the taste, but if fruit will be interesting ... Thank you all for the nice comments!