Quail with grapes on a bed of liver

Submitted by enr on 04 Aug 2009
2 large quail
240 g fresh liver
200 g grapes
2 large thin slices of bacon
cord tightening bacon
salt, red pepper
sunflower oil
Quail with grapes on a bed of liver
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Cut two slices of liver with about 1 cm thick. The remaining liver cut into cubes. Quail are cleared. They put the liver into cubes, salt and pepper. Bend quail, putting the string bottom and sides and above the set already sliced ​​bacon. String should tighten them. Quail braised lightly on all sides in a pan with a little butter. When you are well red remove from fire. Grapes are placed in the same pan, put the remaining liver and heated, turning with a spatula or wooden spoon. Quail left in a deep pan, along with grapes and liver, put a little water and simmer for about 30 minutes. Put the lid on the pan. At the end of cooking in another pan with a little butter put two slices of liver. Fry is 1 minute on all sides, no more. Add salt lightly. Serve quails on a plate with a piece of liver below. To form a bed in each plate place a piece of toast, a piece of liver on it and finally quail. Garnish with grapes. For garnish suitable baked fresh kartofcheta.
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04 Aug 2009


great goodies predstvyam you! And not so difficult is not.

Aliana so better you :)

Yes, at least not scare people! :-)

I tried for a name day, guests licking your fingers! Very tasty and almost does not feel the flavor of the wild in this recipe :)