Banitsi pan with sheet sach

Submitted by enr on 04 Nov 2014
pastry baked sach
spices of your choice
# For the filling:
feta cheese
# or:
feta cheese and cheese
# or:
leeks, feta cheese , cheese and egg
# or:
mince and onion
Banitsi pan with sheet sach
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Cortices sach stretch. Depending on their size can be used whole or cut up - my round with a diameter of about 70 cm and divide them in half circles - obtained large banitsi (20h15 cm somewhere). In the middle of each skin / peel half put the filling of not thick, then fold the envelope - stuffing must have 1-2 layers of skin on each side, but no more. So shaped banitsi baked in a pan on medium heat with a little oil (around 1-2 tbsp of banichka sunflower oil or olive oil) until ready. The filling is of your choice - just crumbled feta cheese, mix of feta cheese and cheese, it can be put and egg optional. You can make a mixture of stewed leeks with crumbled feta cheese and grated cheese and egg. The filling may be of pre-fried minced meat with onions. The filling is seasoned to taste - herbs, red and black pepper, etc. Whatever stuffing is important to use no need for continuous heat treatment, because the peels are already cooked and the banitsi ready for a few minutes - stuffing with raw egg is baked well, but for example, raw minced meat, there will be time.
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04 Nov 2014