Black Macedonian halva (Crna Alva)

Submitted by enr on 07 Oct 2009
1 kg of sugar
20 g vanilla sugar
250 ml water
200 g chopped walnuts
100 g hazelnuts
350 g flour
1/3 cup sunflower oil
5 tbsp cocoa
Black Macedonian halva (Crna Alva)
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In tenzhera put 100 g of sugar and then caramelized, pour water in the caramel and stir until melted, put the remaining sugar and vanilla, keep stirring until the mixture boils. We remove from the heat. In pot, whisk flour and cocoa and add this mixture spoon by spoon into the hot syrup, stirring constantly. After the powdery mixture add the oil, hazelnuts and some chopped walnuts. In a suitable form or pan put the bottom rest of the walnuts dump halva. Leave to cool and put in a refrigerator to set for a while. Finished halva cut the pieces and fetching.
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07 Oct 2009


Ah, this is obviously famous Crna Alva? Did you get it?

Yes Rally, this is Crna Alva :) I've done halva is very tasty, maybe too long to be stored wrapped in a wrap. Can be done with any nuts, dried fruit and even be put.

Thank you. Will make it, I'm curious:-)

buci, I liked halvichkata :). Remain my time will do: P :)

I loved the recipe. In the favorite is. Will try.

buci to ask how the moa to do as photo fruit and is shokolava sounds interesting :)

Instead of nuts - put raisins or dried figs, dates, whatever you think fits. Watch only their volume is as in the recipe, if 200 g walnuts +100 g hazelnuts are 3 cups - Put 3 cups chopped dried fruit, or mix with nuts, so that is the initial amount.

djjeorje02, Rally explained how wonderful can be obtained, and the combination of dried fruits are not limited, put whatever you like, if you want something more exotic and put dried mango.

Thank you very much for your answers will be happy to try the recipe with dried bananas if I can find

lumps, change the name of halvichkata ... Crna Alva your sounds very good, but its appearance is tempting.

Very tasty thing. Bravo, chunky!

For a long time looking for a recipe for such halva, and finally found it. Looks very tasty ... will surely try.