Chicken with celery

Submitted by enr on 04 Oct 2013
3-4 onions
3-4 carrots
7-8 red tomatoes
400 g chicken fillet
1 tsp pepper
3-4 tbsp celery
1-2 tbsp parsley
1- 2 tbsp salt
5 cloves garlic
Chopped diced onions, carrots and tomatoes. Add in a saucepan with a little sunflower oil onion and carrots and leave them braised for about 1-2 minutes, then add water (100-200 ml) and leave to neck, occasionally stirring. Periodically add water - 100-200 ml. After they soften the onions and carrots, add the tomatoes and another 100 ml water. Chicken fillet cut into cubes, salted and lightly fry in a pan. And can be cut into steaks to fry and then be cut into cubes. 2-3 minutes before you remove the dish from the fire add spices, chopped garlic and chicken fillet parched and diced. The dish became ready for about 40-45 to 50 minutes. * I experimented in the kitchen and so I came and cooked this dish. * The most important thing is the amount of onions and carrots is 1: 1. * The quantity of tomatoes is higher than that of onions and carrots. * dish to have a thick consistency.
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04 Oct 2013


amforman, what Celery - root, blade, leaf? If a root or stalk, should be added to the onion and carrot. If leaves - with parsley. Would you please specify. :)

Leaves. I've used dried celery.