Chicken livers surprise guests

Submitted by enr on 18 Sep 2009
1 kg chicken livers
3 carrots
4-5 onions
4-5 boiled potatoes
2-3 peppers
tomato paste
1-2 pieces baked or raw sausage
cooked beans or canned beans
sunflower oil
salt, pepper, soy sauce
Chicken livers surprise guests
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In a saucepan with oil on low heat put livers and fry. In a deep frying pan put sunflower oil to heat and in it fry the sliced ​​carrots. Then put the onion cut into crescents and wrinkled with a little salt. Crushed potatoes and peppers also add in onion, but after the onion has softened, and then put the sausage and beans. Finally, pour the tomato paste with spices in an amount of taste. When the vegetables are already seasoned, add fried livers.
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18 Sep 2009


Uoka I liked.

is great, the home is shared ...

I liked the idea remains as to try

very interesting

will not regret it. I came unannounced guests, and the amount would come - for this I opened the refrigerator and what was ...

Would you tell me how many beans in particular I think it is a jar

to livers, pound put about half a jar of beans, but if you want to be noticed more and put his whole jar. Always cook to taste and look - just be careful not to make beans with livers :)

last night I did and I put 150 g. Beans but I made a mistake triyabvashe cut the liver after you fry but again we liked the next putt niyama is doing

well done - well received :)

and was very tasty