Fritters who call themselves

Submitted by enr on 27 Jan 2010
2 eggs
3 tbsp sugar
5-6 tbsp sunflower oil
1 cup yogurt
10 g baking powder
2 cup flour
200-300 g cheese
Fritters who call themselves
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Eggs and sugar beat with a mixer. Add the oil, yogurt, baking powder, while continuing to stir with a mixer. Finally, put the flour. When the dough get the required density (should be slightly thicker than cake) is added and the crumbled feta cheese. Fritters are fried in a deep pan, in many sunflower oil, by using 2 teaspoons shaped bead size as walnut. When prepared on one side, fritters themselves turning from the other. Kotlonat should not be too strong to not remain raw inside. Optional dough can put more sugar, vanilla and raisins instead of feta cheese, and you will get fantastic cookies donuts. Another idea is to put more sugar and vanilla, and when cool, using a syringe to inject milk cream inside a donut.
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27 Jan 2010


I have not tried the recipe. If someone try it, please share your experience.

I tried the recipe. With the initially set amounts is impossible to mess cake batter; p. Corrected quantities and get delicious, but as I thought, quite greasy. I think eledra offer some recipes to put a teaspoon of brandy in the dough to not pulling much oil. If you can put in this dough?

I've done this recipe, but with other quantities of the products without cheese. I think it is good, I recommend in January

Thanks for the suggestion! Were really good!

I am glad that you like, Ivka!

recipe is great and without any improvements the second time she had ready and very vkukna little more greasy but tasty ineche

Today I made them stuffed with chocolate. Incredible delicacies!

were very tasty :)

I'm glad you like the recipe, girls! Tomorrow and I think it stir up breakfast. I add a teaspoon of brandy, not the taste, and really become less greasy.

We like fritters, but the dough put less oil and 1ts brandy, and when frying not take much fat. I served cheese separately, I was afraid the dough will not remain gletavo. From inside them filled with chocolate. Put a picture.

I am glad that you hit it, akva7! And I always used to put a little brandy, cheese and serve it separately. Prefer them sweet; )

fritters are amazing, I tried them with cheese in them, not become gletavi. Already a favorite of the family. Thank you gigi2000!

silvia__s, very glad that you have been delicious!

magic fritters were delicious again, but this time with cheese.

several times already make fritters. Samples with oil and without oil, with or without sugar. Definitely no oil and sugar to obtain the best and did not become greasy. Arrange them on a wire rack and not on paper. During frying turned themselves several times. I am very pleased with the outcome and will prepare them often! :)

I'm glad, Senjak! I have not cooked them, maybe you mix them and I on Sunday!

Today their time comes, long waiting line! :) I have prepared them in the sweet version. We like! I filled them with homemade quince jelly. Are wonderful! :)

very interesting to me were from the title. for the first time I see such a miracle themselves to pay. And I look super delicious. Only can you share the technology of conversion? Perhaps because they are so kraglichki it. Ill try them soon.

Meri_Popins, I have not thought about why turn yourself might actually because of the shape ... Lirinka, this home Dyulevo jelly can not help but tasty! No, I should say *mmm*, but I can not help myself;)

They addressed the following reason: fritters are made in the shape of balls, i. E., They are as high as they are wide. When plopped into a fat bottom end begins to swell from frying. This means that the same mass is distributed in a larger volume, which makes the bottom of a light from the top. Furthermore, in the process of frying of the bottom liquid is evaporated, which further lightens January. Sometime, when the bottom is fried to full readiness upper part is much heavier than the lower tiers and just lost equalize. But since you can not fall, it just turns. The same phenomenon is observed with icebergs that as melt from the lower side, just refer to the top to bottom. I hope I've been helpful :)

Thanks for the explanation, is not and I could not help myself and I made them for breakfast were wonderful!

Hello from me. I tried the recipe were very tasty, but did not want to ask themselves what could be the reason you think?

wander_teddy, may have been densely to one another. Should not be put at once in very hot oil. You have a place to turn. Otherwise I do not see what other reason could there. And as stated in the recipe *deep pan, in many oil ... *. If a little oil, will not turn.

fritters were delicious. Greetings to the author of successful recipe.

Buhtichkite really delicious. I read reviews and saw that some put a little brandy to not get so greasy, I did that, but again I became quite greasy. I know tiers generally have maznichki and this is normal, but I hope tomorrow will be even more delicious and fat has drained on napkins. But overall I liked especially in combination with wild blackberries and a little cheese - no wonder! :) Thanks for the recipe! :)

Girls, I'm glad you had usladilo! Rally and Ina, thanks for the timely response!

They are very tasty, and I put a tablespoon of brandy, not take much oil while frying.