Tomatoes in housing

Submitted by enr on 13 Jun 2009
3 large tomatoes
4 tbsp mayonnaise
100 g feta cheese
2 boiled eggs
salt, pepper
Tomatoes in housing
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Cut the tomatoes into thin rings and arrange on a plate. Spread 2 tbsp mayonnaise, cover with grated feta cheese. The feta cheese is smeared with mayonnaise 2 tbsp. Cover with grated boiled eggs. Taste.
Very easy
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13 Jun 2009


Very good salad. Bravo, tomorrow will do.

Very tasty salad. Only if you do not want to eat with a knife and fork rings cut into halves or quarters. Also a little red pepper to spice her go.

Very tasty salad!

just for the summer goes to Favorites

A great salad! Added and cucumbers, onion and pepper and paprika eggs.

congratulations for the idea, well done, gorgeous became

Tonight I made it and we like!

I cut tomatoes for salad is very tasty! Thanks for the idea :)

OOOOOOOooo Eli was superb. Immediately went to the favorite and the highest grade from me.

Good for salads!

Very nice, winter will try potatoes

I like the products.