Dough for cakes and scones

Submitted by enr on 08 Nov 2009
1 kg of flour
1 cup yogurt
500 ml water
50 g yeast
1 egg
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
250 g butter
Dough for cakes and scones
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Into a suitable container put the yeast with some warm water and 1-2 tablespoons of flour. Let it rise. Then put everything and begin to interfere. As mixing good fight dough 45 times. Leave to rise. As rise must be received nice soft dough. Then again tinged with melted butter, until the dough mess it over completely. Then we do with what we decided dough - cake with feta cheese or muffins. For cake: divide the dough into balls the size of an egg and Roll, mazhem with cream butter and feta cheese, rolled and redim in the tray. And others. Leave to rise again and bake in a moderate oven until ready. Can namazhem top with beaten yolk. For the muffins: take one part of the dough Roll out and cut the triangles (and cut the cake). At the wide end put jam, chocolate spread or feta cheese, rolled up to the small end, mazhem with yolk and redim in a baking dish. If muffins are jam can sprinkle granulated sugar on the yolk.
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08 Nov 2009


A great recipe! In a favorite! Will try over the weekend.

pictures are very appetizing :)

Thank you and actually very tasty.

This is one of the original recipes for such a dough. Bravo! Goes to Favorites;)

I apologize for asking such a thing, but how is the water in which the dissolved yeast and yeast than the cube is it?

yeast is just such a - fresh from cubes. Crushed mix yeast with flour and pour in a little warm / watch, not hot water because imache will not rise! Rather somewhere between warm and cool water /. You should get a rare kashitsa. Cover the container and put in a warm place it rise. I have not done exactly this recipe, but in general thus made. I hope I have been helpful. And success!

tillia Many thanks for the quick answer! We'll try tomorrow. :)

And I tried them. Were nice, but the dough for buns do not put sugar. I do not put, but there nuzhza sugar

So when are muffins with jam on top after namazhem with yolk and sprinkle them with sugar.

There are a number of yeast to dissolve, and it is this - instead of putting spoons of salt and sugar in the flour in a bowl just put them with the yeast and wait 3-4min. NO water. Thus it is liquefied and is easier. :)

I still know it's a good first activate the yeast with sugar, flour and of warm water - that which yeast *eats* and finally put salt in the dough. Do is test the quality of the yeast - if not the initial rising, look for other yeast - so will throw only 1s.l sugar and flour.

I use dry yeast. but not Oetker. sugar one lazhichka- denied them immediately without gettin

made savory buns from above sprinkled with sesame, were very tasty.