Fast royal pickle

Submitted by enr on 29 Oct 2010
10 kg vegetables (peppers, bell peppers, cauliflower, green tomatoes, carrots, celery)
2 cup sugar
2 cup vinegar
1 cup sunflower oil
1 cup salt
10 g salicyl (20 aspirin)
Fast royal pickle
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The ratio of vegetables is optional. Marinade does not boil - ingredients are stirred until molten salt and sugar. Vegetables are cut, pour cold marinade, put it salicylate (aspirin). Stir well, stayed overnight, ranks in jars, sealed. Not sterilized.
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29 Oct 2010


Before about 12 days did exactly this pickle, except boiled marinade. I put celery, garlic and pepper. Instead of standing day only 2:00. 3 jar is already ate.

Faith, I love your recipe and certainly tomorrow will do, I'll just ask me navigate this amount of vegetables is how the jar! Thanks in advance! :)

That's what I do with it, but put sea salt and water, not oil.

This year I worked on it in this recipe and I am delighted. Thanks for the recipe!

I made a salad, but the marinade does not cover vegetables. Do you still marina until coated vegetables.

No, do not need more, stirring occasionally and vegetables as they stood and placed Sokcho. Then the jars and always even my little remained of the marinade

This was your favorite pickles at home. For a second year the country ready. Last not stay.

We we started it already! Very tasty!

if you do a little bidonche that will happen?

I think it will happen, but it has a nice push from above.