Rhodope banitsa noodle

Submitted by enr on 15 Aug 2008
4 eggs
200 g feta cheese
500 g yogurt
250 g vermicelli
1 tsp baking soda
sunflower oil
Rhodope banitsa noodle
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Beat the eggs with the feta cheese. Separately, yogurt was stirred with soda and added to the eggs. Fidel is crushed and added to the mixture, which was then stirred well. Pour the mixture into a greased with sunflower oil pan, top distributed pieces margarine and bake in a moderate oven.
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15 Aug 2008


Banitsa internship great, try it, and will not go wrong! It is also not as expensive products, baked quickly and requires craftsmanship. Bon appetite :)

It is really delicious.

I make it in several times - great recipe surprisingly good, bravo, Nadine!

Today, I did it again and even now eat, became a favorite of my family.

Influenced by Zlatina, today made it and got express fast and really tasty! Bravo Nadine, for easy and delicious recipe. And will let the pictures.

I will do tonight or at the latest tomorrow morning and then I'll tell you what the feedback. :)

If you do onion pastry can add vermicelli in filling!

Wonderful recipe - no comments. It is so delicious. Congratulations

I am very glad that you liked pie and thanks for poluzhitelnite your comments! :)