Fat boy

Submitted by enr on 30 Mar 2014
500 g flour
600 ml milk
2 packets of dry yeast (in 7 g) or 1 cube of fresh yeast (40 g)
50 g butter
3 eggs
300-400 g salaureno sheep feta cheese
1 tbsp (equal) sugar
1 tbsp (equal) salt
Fat boy
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The milk is heated and there dissolve the butter, salt, sugar and yeast. Put the eggs and mix with a mixer. Allow 5-10 minutes it rise. Place the flour and beat with a mixer until a sticky dough rarely. Put it crumbled feta cheese and mix well. Allow half an hour to become porosity. Dry pan or crock sach rub with oil - or a piece of salo, or an oily kitchen crepe. Heat over a low heat for me 4-5 grade 9. With a ladle put dough into the pan and spread to get a flat circle. The dough is sticky and the circle is never ideal, the goal is simply to spread out the dough as well. Allow to obtain a nice brown tan. During this time, the dough swells and becomes air and fluffy. Fat boy turned with a shovel and baking the other side. For the next pan again rubbed with oil. fat boy are served hot, we eat them with yogurt, but can be dripped with honey, to be smeared with jam, jelly or other sweet optional. * fat boy can be made without feta cheese.
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30 Mar 2014


Ehaaa great! :)

The picture looks very tasty! I try them :)

Oh, that are plump! :) Rally, very appetizing look, will do!

Many are tempting these fat boy will try.

On the one dose, how many units go? As I watch them - quite sate May. Now write down the recipe and see my children will surprise them.

From a dose of 10 units out :) Glad you like, I very very long time I did not make them and we have hapnahve with great pleasure :) Share how you like.

are wonderful, my husband renamed them chichonki, accurate and very easy recipe and very tasty. In the future will be made frequently. Thanks Raleigh.

Oh, Flower, look gorgeous! Glad you liked :) What does *chichonki*?

Bulgarise Italian ciccione

Is not much yeast?

There is not much ,, it was.

Not really, the goal is to quickly get very chupli and achieved exactly by many yeast :)

Rally, we ate them with great pleasure! Were great, with many shuplichki (as most love) mekichki and fluffy, fat boy istiski :) Thanks for the recipe, we like will do them often!

Reni, bravo! Great picture! Super that you liked :)

are wonderful: soft, fluffy and very, very tasty! Large meal fell, thanks for the recipe the whole family! :) :) :)

Glad Orris that you liked :) I take them that day I did not even managed to photograph them, disappeared directly from the pan :)

fat boy were superb. Thanks for the great recipe!

Enjoy! Great picture :)

Hello! Mixture of fat boy slim round you spread in the pan? To me it was pretty mixture and leave more than 10 fat boy. Is it possible? Write. Please!

Hello :) How fat boy will get exactly, depends on the diameter of the pan and how you fit ladle :) fat boy should not have tsavsem thin, otherwise they will be fat boy;) Not prutesnyavay number, look To adjust your stove on, not too hot, to have time to bahnat fat boy and bake and otvartre before they burned out :) Everything else should not bother. Success and said :)

Oh, a thousand mistakes hurry ... sorry :)

Thank you very much! I understand now!