Father's potatoes (fried potatoes with pickles)

Submitted by enr on 01 Dec 2010
5-6 potatoes
# of raw pickle vegetables:
piece of cabbage (about 1/8 of the whole cabbage)
2 peppers
1 carrot
cauliflower, cucumber
sunflower oil frying
Father's potatoes (fried potatoes with pickles)
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Peel the potatoes, wash and cut into cubes. In a frying pan heat oil (5-6 tbsp). Put potatoes and fry, stirring occasionally. During this time, cut vegetables pickled. Once the potatoes braised and lightly brown crust forms, and add vegetables (potatoes are almost done). Mix and keep the stove to fry and vegetables (they should also browned on the edges). Salt is added only if needed (depending on how savory pickles). * This is one of my favorite recipes, prepared by my Father. I had raw pickle and prepared with Fast pickle . Again became tasty.
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01 Dec 2010


The recipe seems to me very interesting and suitable for the position, but can you give me light up on what is called pickled vegetables and raw :)

Raw pickle that is not cured (ie not sterilized). Pour a variety of vegetables, pour in the marinade, wait time and it becomes Kiselichki and sharp. Site found a recipe - Colorful pickle . I have not cooked pickle in this recipe, but it is raw (and sounds delicious). Some people cook directly in cans, jars or wooden barrels.

Today turshiykata was slightly spicy and it was very tasty.

They became great! Congratulations on delicious recipe! :)

I am glad that my recipe you delivered delicious mood. Thanks:-)

Maybe the last for this year, with the last pickle (recipe Quick pickle from the site). I made them in the oven.