Flower carrot

Submitted by enr on 06 Sep 2009
1 large carrot
thin sharp knife
Flower carrot
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Carrot peel. Cut out a piece of it with length of 4 cm, which will serve as the basis of the flower. Formed on the silver cylinder. On top of one end of the knife is made grid by cutting 2-3 mm strips. Side alternately failure slots - there will plug into the petals of the flower. The other piece is shaped carrot - cut lengthwise grooves size 5 mm. Then carrots cut into rings of cross - are petals. The petals are inserted into the side openings of the base of the petal. Place the entire flower for 10 minutes of ice water. Used to decorate salads and appetizers.
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06 Sep 2009


I saw the making of this flower in site Carving and decided to try. You will say that I deal with.

In my opinion you are doing great! Especially for the first time! Super!

is beautiful :)

Super Ally, can you first, but it is SPAThe very well! Bravo, Bravo!

Majestic is done!

is perfect. BRAVO

excellent idea