Homemade biscuits with cream

Submitted by enr on 20 Feb 2012
4 eggs
250 g sugar
280 ml sunflower oil
10 g ammonia soda
1/2 tsp baking soda
flour medium soft dough - 400 g
# For the cream:
4 and 1/2 cup milk
3 yolks
3 tbsp flour
butter optional - 150 g
2 tbsp cocoa (optional)
Homemade biscuits with cream
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Eggs are broken with sugar. Add the oil, baking soda and flour. Kneads dough, medium soft. Roll out the crust, 1 cm thick. Cut circles is (maybe with plain glass). Cut is one whole circle, and another with a hole. Bake about 180C temperature. For the cream: milk is put to boil with sugar, previously released 1 tea cup milk. To the separated glass of milk add the egg yolks and flour and stir to mix. After boil milk with sugar, stirring continuously, put the mixture of milk, egg yolks and flour and boil to thicken. Allow to cool. Can be added to already up the cold cream butter, which was previously broken, and add to it a little of the cream. Stir until a homogeneous mixture and becomes more tasty. But if you do not play - Welding cookies up the cold cream. I added here and cocoa because more love brown kremcheta. And as a finale to clarify - Leave the biscuits to stay at least 24 hours to take the cream. * Another option is a cream pudding powder with boiling. * They become incredibly soft. The most delicious even after 48 hours if left course.
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20 Feb 2012


They look awesome delicious! :)

And indeed such! :)

Can you a little help, I really like, but I'm not a beginner, I need doobyasnenie. how much sugar put in the cream?

It is not only that you are a beginner, the recipe is omitted to specify how sugar. Assuming that tea cups were 200 ml is obtained 900 ml of fluid. I personally would put at least 200 grams of sugar. So as a separate 200 ml boiled only 700 ml of milk. In them you can now add a little sugar and stop when you become much sweeter than what you like (keep in mind that then add another 200 grams of sugar and eggs and flour). Come success! :)

Oh, do not add another 200 grams of sugar and 200 ml of milk, they completely messed May Follow the recipe, however, sweetened boiled milk, you is sweeter than normal :)

But I totally confused! Sugar to put what? Cream or cookies? If you put the milk, it follows that there is no sugar in biscuits. But in products is placed there. So Aliana e footing with the Council, just to sweeten the taste of cream or sugar to split in two - a cream 125g. and biscuits 125g.

I think the sugar in the cream has fallen somewhere ... And I would put as Rally to 1 cup (or even more) there.

are not bad sweet little bad smell while baking ammonia but probably not fatal to the cream as I stick with them ready pudding