Kathy appetizer in Pleven

Submitted by enr on 15 Mar 2012
mushrooms (fresh or canned)
Hot chushlentsa
pepper, salt
Large piece of pork leg is smeared with salt and fat and bake in the oven with a little water. Allow finally water to evaporate completely and the sauce on the bottom of the pan to seal (not browned). Remove the baked meat tray, and it is poured over water and returned to the oven to dissolve the seal sauce and to give a brown broth. Fry them in a little oil 2-3 tbsp flour. Was added with stirring thereto broth from the tin and allowed to boil for the flour is cooked. If the soup is not enough and the sauce is too thick add more water. Do not make the sauce too thick, because as a stand for thicken further. Taste of salt and pepper and when removed from the heat added lemon juice. The cooked meat cut into cubes and arrange in a metal sahanche. On it is covering chopped blanched mushrooms (can canned). Watered with the prepared sauce and put to boil without stirring. When finished put hot peppers (fresh or pickled), parsley sprig and lemon slices for decoration and so serve.
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15 Mar 2012


Wow dream began to swallow imagine how tasty, goes to favorites.

really sounds very tasty, although we do not eat pork. I would do it with beef from suckling and imagine how you will feel it! Put assessment without've tried it, just because I know how you get!

In principle, this is the original recipe. Can be made with veal. Especially I even do it in pots / sandwiching / in the oven, since no metal sahancheta and also became great.

great will vote for her MANDATORY. Since I come from this region. I can not support you. And the dish is great.

This was a specialty of Pleven restaurant! The recipe is great-that it attempted remained pleased.

Thanks for precise and delicious recipe! This is exactly the taste that had Kathy appetizer in restaurants and years that I'm trying to create at home. Bring me years ago.