Kavarma under omelet

Submitted by enr on 30 Oct 2013
2-3 eggs
50 g chicken
50 g pork
2-3 onions
5 tbsp tomato paste
canned mushroom
pepper, cumin, salt
sunflower oil
Kavarma under omelet
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Chicken and pork are cut into small pieces and fry in a pan with sunflower oil. After pozaparzhat adds onion cut in crescents. When onions are sauteed add the tomato paste, optional pickles and mushrooms. Finally put spices - salt, ground cumin, black pepper and savory taste. Kavarma remove from heat and set aside. The eggs are broken prior to a court and fried like a pancake in another pan with a little sunflower oil. And now put under kavarma omelet: Take a bowl, which is deep with straight walls, but not spilled. It put the omelet, put it so that it fits into the bowl, then pour kavarma. Take a shallow, flat plate that is placed on the bowl. With one hand engages the bowl, and the other adheres to the plate and turn back, so that the plate is the bottom and the top bowl. Carefully pull the bowl and kavarma remains under sandwiching omelet. * kavarma can be made only with pork or chicken only. Onions I wrote chapters 2-3, because it depends according to their size, but it is better to be plenty. Eggs are also a judgment depending on the size of the pan. * For 1 portion.
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30 Oct 2013