Layered cake * Exotic Chocolate *

Submitted by enr on 16 Apr 2012
# For the base:
6 eggs
200 g sugar
200 g ground almonds
1/2 cup Natural cocoa powder
1/2 cup flour
1 vanilla
# For the cream:
400 g cream
400 g dark chocolate
rind of 2 limes (Limenas)
1-3 tbsp liqueur Cointreau (Cointreau)
on a knife ground cloves
powdered sugar to taste
Layered cake * Exotic Chocolate *
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Heat the oven to 180C. The base: Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Egg whites are broken down into hard snow with vanilla and sugar. Add the egg yolks one by one, beating continues. Add the almonds, stirring with a spatula. Combine flour and cocoa and added in several times, is stirred slowly with a spatula. shape with a diameter of 26-28 cm is covered with baking paper. The mixture is poured into it and smoothed. Bake for 50 minutes, after about 25 minutes, covered with aluminum foil. The base is allowed to cool completely, removed from the mold and cut into 3 layers. Cream: Cream is warm and it is melted chocolate. Allow to cool, but not in the refrigerator, but simply in a cool place. Stir with a mixer, adding the powdered sugar, sheet limetata, orange alcohol and cloves. Stir until fluffy but stable cream. It brushed layers of the base. The cake is decorated optional. It is desirable for at least 24 hours before consumption, maybe two days - only winning taste of the cake given time to develop aromas. * The cream can be altered in other, less exotic ways with other spices - cardamom, finely grated fresh ginger, smoked jalapeno chili (chipotle) ​​and alcohol can be replaced by another befitting spice - liqueur seems white rum, tequila. What is important is the ratio of cream and dark chocolate is 1: 1 and adding powdered sugar to be careful not to become too sweet ganasha.
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16 Apr 2012


Cake dream, it is very beautiful and I guess very delicious cake, coming to my nibbled from the monitor.

very keen to share that cake is inspired by the works of Linda Solovits, mostly from its way of displaying owls :) Ask google Linda Solovic ow, to see what I mean :)

I mean Linda Solovic owl :)

blog has opened it amazing things, but yours owl chick is a beautifully made.

Wonderful! As the recipe for the cake and decorating it. Rally, how are you doing on the relief fund?

John, dear, here I bought these things and am very pleased. But you can use any object - from rough cloth with powdered starch (naturally clean!) to plastic children's boards constructor;) Just exactly this cake would have to rob my nephews, so I went to the store and buy them :) The last 2 sets are where 15 Euros I have not bought them - one imitates fabrics , the other is the flowers.

Many beautiful cake. Rally 180 * you win or at a lower temperature? These products will make a great cake, I'm sure.

Ive yes, bake at 180 degrees. Becomes very delicious cake, I assure you :)

Rally, thank you for the info. I really wanted to do some relief last cake, but did not know how and all night with a toothpick I made holes in the fund :). One day I will buy tools and I, that is afflicted as I decide to decorate a cake.

Rally, unique cakes you did! Very beautiful and touched a little finesse! Most sincere greetings!

is great! Very nice! Wonderful!

Thank you, ELTI, Ive :) This time I put cream grated peel of an organic orange, cloves and again a few tablespoons Chintsano oranchio. The cream has become incredibly flavorful.

Raleigh another beautiful performance you've done, well done is wonderful.

Thank Flower :)

It is very original. Jump am amazed by your ideas. Perfect done.