Submitted by enr on 14 Oct 2010
150 g butter or margarine
150 g flour
100 g sugar
30 g natural starch
1 egg
10 g vanilla sugar
1/2 ampoule vanilla essence
# For glaze:
100 g powder sugar
about 3-4 tbsp water
red paint Food
crystal sugar for rolling
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Heat the oven to 200 C, if a fan - 180 C. Sift the flour and mixed with starch. Soft butter (margarine), stir well. Breaking, add sugar, vanilla sugar and essence. Mix well. Add egg and stir until blended. Finally flour is added and mixed thoroughly. The dough is placed in a syringe with a round tip (with a hole 7 mm). In tray covered with baking paper is extruded sticks length 6-7 cm. Bake about 6 minutes. frosting, icing sugar, water and paint mix. End of each stick is dipped in glaze. Allow to drain excess glaze and add some in granulated sugar. The finished cookies are placed on kitchen paper and leave to cool (but not in the refrigerator) until dry.
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14 Oct 2010


:-) Very original. I saw the pictures at first, I thought it was a mistake. And what it was - a spectacular proposal.

Very interesting! With fantasy and desire man creates all sorts of illusions. And certainly are tasty for those who love shortbread.

are wonderful, exquisite appearance and taste great (love shortbread), will necessarily try.

:) interesting indeed! Logged favorites you could ever play around with it!

very original idea for shortbread. They are great. Sometimes I will play a bit to make them that way :)

Great recipe. Bravo! :) :)

Oh, now do them twice, but never became as matchsticks. Their appearance was like a cat tongues :) But they are very very tasty and the kids love them. So you do them again, more so super fast :)

Very interesting, original and delicious idea. Thank you. I record in favorites and I hope soon to try! I love shortbread!

To keep fit sweet oil well after being extruded to put in 20-something minutes in the refrigerator. Then baked in a preheated moderate oven.

I can enroll in the comments - a unique idea :) At first I'm thinking, *and was what these sticks here*, and what a pleasant surprise it turned out :) Bravo, unusual idea and 100% interesting :)