Oranges cream

Submitted by enr on 06 Oct 2008
3 oranges
150 g of powdered sugar
4 yolks
2 tsp rum or cognac
250 g cream
Oranges cream
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Three orange peel and cut into small pieces. Sugar and egg yolks to a fluffy cream. Add the rum and cream shattered. Mix and add the pieces of oranges. All gently stir, pour into glasses and put in refrigerator to cool.
Very easy
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06 Oct 2008


To make the cream should be used fresh egg yolks. Can be made without eggs. Instead rum or cognac can use vanilla.

Uniquely beautiful pictures Inche! Invite me and I can do! Bravo!

Desi, I'm glad you like it. In most cases, do without the cream and egg yolks, because I'm not sure how fresh eggs. And this is my old recipe. At the time my mother gathered the cream of the boiled milk and it was preparing the dessert. Now I use sour cream, whipping cream or possibly creamer and milk.

Inche, blgodarya you-I got the eggs fresh from the village and put just as in the recipe. I will share soon how it happened.

Super tasty look and what should be the cream? (I apologize for the question :)

in the comments below what the author wrote cream used!

Many beautiful pictures! And the idea to use orange peel like super bowl is original! Congratulations, Ina!

Thanks! Will be glad if you appeal and taste. The dessert can be made with drained yogurt instead of sugar - sweetener / diabetic /. A few days Yulisima Joly made a dessert with raw eggs and recommended for safer to break up with sugar water bath. Will try this trick.