Pate of cottage cheese and tuna

Submitted by enr on 25 Jan 2012
250 g cottage cheese
250 g yoghurt
250 g canned tuna
1/2 lemon
olives and parsley for decoration
Pate of cottage cheese and tuna
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The cottage cheese and milk mixed and must obtain consistency suitable for spreading on a slice of bread. Add the fish, which is drained from the fat of the can, and add the juice of half a lemon. All mix well, add salt if necessary. The decoration of the dish is optional with olives, parsley. The dish is suitable for salad, appetizer or smeared on toast bread.
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25 Jan 2012


Oh, I have not managed to do your previous salad, and you suggest new temptation. What is the appetizer, I can only guess :). It is worthwhile to discuss it in a cup of vodka :).

Just say when, at this time will be enjoyable :).

salad is really good. It turned out that I have strained yogurt and made it with mayonnaise mixed with yogurt. I put more lemon juice and get better. Grate and two boiled eggs. It is worth to try.

Thank you for the evaluation, I am pleased that you like it with mayonnaise and eggs and sometimes I do it all a matter of taste.