Salad-layered cake - III type

Submitted by enr on 11 Dec 2014
# For the base:
1.5 kg peeled, cut and boiled potatoes
200 g mayonnaise
65 g butter
# For the filling:
200-300 g larded salami
200 g of ham
1 jar (800 g) sterilized peas
200 g steamed with a little butter carrots
300-400 g pickles
pepper, salt
1 boiled egg
200 g mayonnaise
2-3 tbsp of sauce to pickles, if need acidification
Salad-layered cake - III type
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Potatoes are creased hot with the butter and half of the mayonnaise sauce. If you potato varieties with more starch and seem too thick puree can add a little hot milk. Goal is to become a little thicker than usual mashed potatoes. In a pan with removable ring spread a little more than half mixture, covering the sides of the tray (for cheesecake). All the ingredients for the filling are cut, mixed and spread on the base. With the rest of the puree is made above base, smoothed with a wet spatula or spoon, cover with kitchen foil and put in the fridge to harden for about 3-4 hours. Remove, smeared with the rest of the base mayonnaise, grated cheese and is decorated optional. Remove the ring of the pan gently and serve.
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11 Dec 2014


Interesting idea for salt cake, Natalia. Thanks for the recipe. I made a small dose, and therefore did not use a pan with a removable wall and flanked cake - directly on the plate for serving. :) I applied and pictures.