Salad with parsley, mushrooms and onions

Submitted by enr on 06 May 2012
1 large bunch of parsley
2 onions
100 g fresh mushrooms mushrooms
salt, vinegar, sunflower oil or olive oil
Parsley is cut into chunks. Chop into crescents, mushrooms (raw) into thin slices. Seasoned with salt, vinegar and sunflower oil to taste.
Very easy
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06 May 2012


Vaprosche for mushrooms - quite raw Are?

Yes, washed and cut into thin :)

salad sounds very good, but I think it is better to fix the name - onions in almost any salad, not that it is characteristic, and mushrooms. Better to say Salad with mushrooms and parsley, the more it makes no sense to Scaling names of foods;) this is my opinion on, you alone will decide on the name. @ Paul, fresh mushroom salad is just something very tasty, you only need to have forged intense. I recommend everyone to try :) I like a child regularly ate raw mushrooms, to the horror of all the neighbors that I predicted immediate death or at least bad poisoning :) Well, I'm still alive, and here in Germany raw mushrooms in a salad so commonplace as pepper in a salad :)

I want to clarify that I mean mushrooms.

Thanks for the clarification - I always wanted to try raw mushrooms, but some heat treatment happens to them ... :) We'll try this salad!

Thank you for your comments ... However, my first recipe that post. Hope you enjoyed my improvisation :)