Spicy plum sauce

Submitted by enr on 29 Dec 2011
1 kg plums
250 g sugar
5 onions
1 hot red pepper
1 tbsp mustard seed
1 tsp cinnamon
3-4 grains cloves
250 ml fruit vinegar
Spicy plum sauce
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Cut plums into quarters, mix them with the sugar and heat in large saucepan until caramelized. Cut the onion, pepper and onion and add along with other spices to plums. Cook until the mixture becomes thick as marmalade and pour vinegar. Surround the spillage hot sauce still in pre-warmed jars, close them immediately and turn on the caps until cool.
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29 Dec 2011
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It was really tasty and spicy sauce / recommend it! /, Which I filled with breaded, baked in the oven cheese, but I have some remarks: When the sugar has melted, I decided that I can not wait for the mixture is caramelized. The liquid is very small. By adding the onions and peppers, it is not enough to boil completely. And just so happened - finally the mixture became thick as marmalade, but the onion was not well softened. So my recommendations are:
- At the beginning, together with the sugar, add 1 pm. H. Water / 200 ml /;
- Prepared mixture necessarily be passaged or smash through a colander / strainer / to get a smooth mixture. Otherwise looks more like a jam than a sauce;
- For me vinegar much. I slowed to 200 ml, but I reduced more, no more than 150 ml.

tillia, I'm glad you're happy with the result! Sauce I've done it with water onion, which obviously matters. In addition, onions should really be chopped finely. If someone decides, may digest it. Do not add any water to the sauce. Sugar should be caramelized. Just then gets really spicy sauce. However, if it becomes too dry mixture begin to add a little vinegar (ultimately inure to all quantities). Thank you reminded me of the sauce. This year I will do it and I can put and red onion.

Vanya, water onion is soft and juicy and of course it matters. Commenting write: *The sugar must be caramelized.* Recipe with sugar plums must be caramelized. These are different things and affect the taste. If you add the vinegar in the beginning, is also different. Perhaps the experience in the preparation of this sauce should be amended and the recipe. :)

I meant that sugar should not simply melt as you do, but is caramelized (with plums, as written in the recipe).