Sponge cake for microwave - II type

Submitted by enr on 11 Nov 2009
4 tbsp sugar
4 tbsp butter or margarine
6 tbsp flour
2 eggs
4 tbsp milk
1 tbsp dry yeast
delight, fruit, chocolate
Sponge cake for microwave - II type
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All stir until a smooth mixture, pour into a container (I use plastic box) Bake 8 minutes in the microwave. Can be made as a cake: cut into two, the bases are brushed with melted chocolate, put it a fruit, cream and the two halves are glued together. Cover with chocolate dipping. While stirring the mixture can be put fruit or Turkish delight.
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11 Nov 2009


A why use yeast instead of baking powder / soda? And 1ts yeast 6s.l. flour is not much?

tried half a packet of baking powder but receives a not particularly pleasant breath, and yeast is not very

Thank you. I would not put 1supena spoon yeast 6 tablespoons flour.

Now look, that has published a similar recipe for cake in the microwave and use baking powder.

If pozva how baking powder should be put, and what power bake 8 minutes? Court what size is it? Many thanks to those who help me with more info :)

if you put baking powder put half a pack, MW is the most powerful, I use a box of ice cream are those where one kilogram.

Thanks! I managed to do it :) First Paiute 75% 5 min. Then to 50% more 6 min. And became well. I improvised - cut it in the middle ordered banancheta, syrup with cocoa syrup and spread with homemade cream. *Peko* in enska pot. I will try to upload photos and

interesting ... must try and I ...

cake yeast vdahva I do not trust

This is very interesting and I will definitely do it :)

interesting recipe! We'll try a must!

Great cake! I just did it and it was superb :) I added ground almonds in the mixture and then I made chocolate on top, wonderful! :)