Stuffed peppers with eggs and feta cheese in tomato sauce

Submitted by enr on 12 Sep 2008
10-12 peppers
300-400 g feta cheese
2 eggs
100 ml sunflower oil
500 g tomatoes
1 tsp salt
3 tbsp parsley
3 tbsp flour
Stuffed peppers with eggs and feta cheese in tomato sauce
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Peppers are gutted, washed and Pierce in several places with a knife. Filled with a mixture of eggs and the feta cheese. The opening of each dip in the flour. Arranged on a tray. Grated tomatoes mixed with salt, parsley and the oil and pour this sauce peppers. Bake in preheated 220 C oven. When pozapekat turn to roast the other side.
Very easy
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12 Sep 2008


With roasted peppers that will not happen?

Villas becomes. Winter so I do them - with peppers from the freezer. The difference is that they do not tip over.

made them and were very nice. Congratulations for the nice recipe!

Peppers look quite appetizing, tomorrow will try the recipe!

Great work like that! Thanks for the recipe

tsuff, pleasure for me that you liked my recipe! I adore them.

Many were delicious. And super cold.

Hello, as newcomers to the art of cooking, I have a question. I tried the recipe, but as he did there was a problem, filled peppers, panezha began to ran out ... I put the peppers in another court in deeper and narrower than that of the baking pan are not quite lying. Also put a little flour into the mixture so as not to drip as it became more dense, and it was necessary to do another ... How do you solve the problem of leakage, there you have it with you !?

The stuffing should not be rare and pepper each opening, dips into flour. Another option is opening to *block* a piece of tomato or pepper handle, but without seed. Choose your option, you is easy.

The second option will try! Thanks for the reply.

are very tasty, good for reni55 recipe

Very nice recipe quickly become!

From the plate smells of summer. Bravo!

Very tasty! Home favorites are :)

Today I prepared the recipe, stuffed peppers and became very delicious thank you for the recipe.

Many were delicious, and prepared quickly. Will certainly do it again!

Classic for the summer!

But I had two zucchini, where wondering what to do and instead of tomatoes, shredded them. Was very tasty! :)The recipe has been in my *Favorites* :)

I do something similar, but not here tochno- differences, which becomes more tasty (I think): in the mix than eggs and cheese and put a little cheese (to increase the filling but not too salty for cheese), a little pre-braised onions, chop the parsley and pepper and a little tomato paste. Do not pierce peppers. Instead grated tomatoes for the sauce I put tomato juice + tomato paste mixed into it and a little water. I do not dunk and the hole in the flour.

instead of fresh tomatoes put out of the jar. And in the stuffing egg and cheese added pepper, fenugreek and oregano. Was very tasty.

were received great. The difference is that I have made them with tomato sauce.