Sponge sponge cake

Submitted by enr on 09 Mar 2009
5 eggs
1 and 1/2 cup sugar
1 cup wheat starch (natural)
100 ml water
100 ml sunflower oil
baking powder 1
1 vanilla
1 and 1/2 cup flour
2 tbsp cocoa optional
Sponge sponge cake
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Eggs, sugar and vanilla, beat with mixer until a thick foamy cream. Add the water and the oil, and continues to be broken. Add starch, stirring constantly. Mix and sieve the flour with baking powder and added under continuous stirring. Ready mix Pour into greased and floured cake form. Bake in preheated oven at 180 C until ready. Optional can be left part of the mixture and stained with cocoa and marbled cake.
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09 Mar 2009


Very nice recipe mother made him much this cake when I was small. :) Mother separated mixture and half color it with paint confectionery.

I today I did and it became pretty good, very time bake or at least to me so I thought. And this for confectionery paint idea and several colors can be made. Next time I'll try. Thank you!

I've had similar but less eggs and banana starch, we like! Bravo!

Can it be done with corn starch? Whether there will be a big difference?

Can important thing is not color. And besides, yesterday after I did I realized that was done only with starch without flour. But became so delicious and mekichak and eaten.

I now do I begin to do it just with starch ... t. Is 2 1 / 2h. h starch so you

Not only 2 packets of starch if without flour everything else remains.

You do this it is good.

The recipe is there like a flower cake - this is the recipe that I do and without flour.

Then it ought to be called colored Sponge cake. Because it is a specific kind testo- foam. And I somewhat stirred with these original recipe and a sponge dough. But no matter, this is currently tested and is delicious and successful. There are photos, but I do not know when they will get on.

We are waiting for the photos. Will surely try :)

Ready became much. Nice! I did it with strawberry starch ultimately he poured chocolate at the end.

Thank you. I just did it without flour with starch recipe - Colorful cake, which was true viii Sponge cake. I put paint to make several colors and can tell you nothing happened. Not swell and inside was like glue and go in the bucket. Tomorrow will try without paint and see what happens, it may be the reason for the failure.

Girls now to turn myself. I made this cake with starch and got straight *mucin*. Very nice appearance and mnoooooogo delicious. Terrific.

Bravo, Desi, I'm glad that he got to you. Today I will try again, but will not put paint to see if she failed me.

awesome. Milena Bravo :)

Thanks! Will upload pictures of variants without flour. But they will be at Floral cake recipe because it is an analogue of Sponge cake with starch. / Without meal / I think there is little between the two obrakvane Sponge cake and flowers. This is just my opinion and nobody involved with it. Thank you!

I've tried foam cake. Nice going!

Fast, easy, tasty. Bravo milniq :).

I take to try and cake :)

I tried this cake both ways determined by starch and flour becomes better, ie. Is fuzzy. Milena is right for the recipe!

great cake! As truth covered with chocolate!

Fluffy jewel. :)

little overdid cocoa, but was very tasty :)

SweetyPie, what a nice idea to color the part of the mixture with a pastry paint! I think you'll try. I have a similar recipe for cake, which becomes a crispy crust. You can see it here: Christmas cake .

made cake ... right was a murderer

and I prepared became unique :)

For the second time I've made cake (the first time it did not work) and I decided to try this recipe. I just tasted it, it is very tasty and easy to make! And upload photos to your say, as more skilled chefs!

I tried, it was great.

I did it a few days ago. Many successful recipe. I put naturalcorn starch, missed cocoa Peko in a baking dish with a diameter of 27 cm. and spread with apricot jam. It was a very tasty cake. I think a lot
well will be used and the recipe for a cake crust, cut by two.

delicious cake!

incredibly fluffy and delicious cake!

became very nice :)