Tomato-rye bread with oregano and garlic

Submitted by enr on 13 Mar 2012
120 ml tomato juice
120 ml water
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp oregano
3 cloves garlic, mashed
7 g dry yeast (1 packet)
120 ml warm water
150 g rye flour
350 g of wheat flour type 500
Tomato-rye bread with oregano and garlic
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In a small saucepan over low heat boil tomato juice, water, olive oil, salt, sugar, garlic and oregano until thickened. Transfer to a medium bowl and cool. In a small bowl mix the yeast and warm water, let it rise for 5 minutes and stir well. And added to the cooled tomato mixture. Gradually add flour until the dough thickens and allows mixing. Put it on a floured surface and interfere minute. Leave to rest for 10 minutes. interfere again dough for 10 minutes until smooth and elastic. If needed, add extra white flour, but note that the dough should be slightly sticky. Put the dough in a greased with sunflower oil bowl and cover with fresh foil. We leave in a warm place for an hour until doubled in volume. We hit the dough on the table a few times, then shape of bread and place in pan with dimensions 21h11h6sm. heated the oven to 190C and bake 40-50 minutes until bread starts issuing hollow sound when tapping. Remove from the oven and allow to cool completely before being cut.
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13 Mar 2012


interesting recipe, I like the combination of products! Just ask - can only be made with white flour, no rye, because my family loves this bread?

Sonia, I have not tried, but I see no problem to do it only with white flour. I even think that the bread will become much more fluffy (from dark flour becomes more dense). Wait picture :)

Finally I did the bread! I put only white flour and having no oblong baking dish, made them into balls. Became divine smell wonderful!

Sonia, I am very glad that you liked the bread! Home favorite photo you :) great (looks very appetizing) :)

again were done, my husband liked them very much! This time I added a few olives and basil, again received great! I hope you do not mind that change the recipe!

olives and basil are a great suggestion! Next time I will do it :)