Tri cream milk

Submitted by enr on 08 Sep 2009
1 liter of fresh milk
1 vanilla
3 yolks
2 eggs
150 g sugar
starch to 1 liter of milk
50 g butter
1/2 tsp ground coffee
1/2 tsp cocoa powder
jam or other sweet cherries of your choice
Tri cream milk
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Eggs and egg yolks are broken down into sugar, starch and vanilla. On them pour the boiled milk and put on fire. Stir constantly over low heat until it boils and is removed from the fire. Add the butter and the resulting cream is divided into three courts. In one of them added coffee, in the second - Cocoa. In glass containers (cups) Pour sequentially from three colors cream, not mixed. Cream to cool and decorate top with cherry jam.
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08 Sep 2009
Fruit desserts - N. Ilieva


This pudding I liked a lot. Inka, 150 g starch that will thicken one liter of milk?

I loved, put it in favorites, and soon will do it!

Desi will thicken. But the best will navigate, as you read the directions on the package with nisheste- it says the amount of how much fluid is. I'm glad,

Desi will thicken. But the best will navigate, as you read the directions on the package with nisheste- it says the amount of how much fluid is. I'm glad,

that Maria like it. Top can put some fruit or cream or topping or nuts - what did you have to remember.

Well Inche, just my husband brought me milk and dress it. Only, I think instead of coffee to put Nesquik ordinary instead cocoa will put Neskuik- orange to allow children to eat it. Slightly altered recipe, but who has children think of them. Xixixi ...

One packet of starch is 60 years and dissolved in 1 liter eg. Milk or water. Ina, it means that you have to put more than two bags ... because you wrote 150g! What do you nishteste benefits?

Desi, will do very well. And why the colors are just these? If you take pictures, placing them.

Ina, unfortunately my phone does quality pictures and camera ... just no one to deal with me to upload my photos.

Reni, so I wrote to Desi to orient packet of starch. As far as I remember, many years ago I enjoyed packets starch 150 g or 100 g per 1 liter of liquid. The recipe is from 1988 I've January In the end it is oriented - instructions on the package starch.

Ina, you're right that one time packets were larger than current ... but then do not pay attention to the weight!

prepared the dessert, but I have not yet tried. I think it was wrong to put 150 grams of starch as 60 grams of it appeared to be used for 1 liter of milk. Everything gelled before removing from the fire. Then refills it was a nightmare. I'll put a picture though, if nothing else, I think it looks good. : D

Chrissy, apparently received very thick. I will ask admins to adjust the recipe.

Yes, one packet is enough as a 2 and a half became very serious. The pudding tasty and recommend it! :)

Chrissy, the recipe has been corrected. It will appear as you present it and combining cocoa cream top with oranges. Thanks for the photo! :)

Ina, thanks for the kind words! I added another picture with better quality. :) This top is blueberries.

Chrissy, and I like this version of the presentation! Bravo for the idea! :)