Appetizer Elephants

Submitted by enr on 01 Jul 2009
3 bombs fresh sausage
2-3 carrots pickled
200-300 ml broth to taste
1 packet gelatin
6 peppercorns
2 skinless sausages
Appetizer Elephants
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Cut a little from one end of the cracker salami. Cut also one circle ear. Carefully carved bombs. Cut carrots in small pieces, mixed with peas and chopped carved salami and pour broth in which we gelatin solution. Carved bombs are placed in a cup and fill with vegetable mixture. Carefully attach the cut piece, which becomes tail. Pour a 2 peppercorns for eyes. The cut piece is divided into two and put ear by making two incisions, which poke pieces. Proboscis to put a little longer piece that is left in the sinking. Skinless Sausage cut into small pieces that are put on the leg. Serve on lettuce.
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01 Jul 2009


Ah, Vesi, if with such appetizer-portion of each elephant May will have basically :) Now I come to mind ideas for other fillings of elephants.

mimsi, and I come to mind other fillings-milk based with other images. Well, if people are more concerned, it will not come cheaply portion of each elephant. This provided that are 2-3. :)

Excellent! Vesi no words, not my vocabulary :)

Bravo! Very sweet! Thanks for MIGHT. :)

Bravo! Excellent idea!

They are very sweet elephants. Bravo!