Babinoto jam prunes

Submitted by enr on 06 Sep 2011
3 kg plums
2 liters of water
1 kg of sugar
10 g limontozu
5-6 geranium petals
100 g lime
Babinoto jam prunes
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Clear plums from the stones and cut them in half width. Stir lime to make milk without lumps. Pour plums with boiled milk and leave to stand for 2 hours, then wash well. In a deep pan mix water and sugar plums and a high heat let simmer, stirring occasionally. Starting to thicken, reduce heat to not stick sweet. Stirring gently until ready. Before removing the pan from the heat and put indrisheto limontozuto. Hot jam packed into dry jars and turns to tighten the cap.
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06 Sep 2011


Simple lime. 2-3 karamfilcheta little cinnamon would not only improve the taste, but sweet will make unique. :)

if predarzhate to the recipe without putting any strong smells such as cinnamon or karamfilcheta, might not feel the true flavor of plums! geranium petals are sufficient; )

Once, my grandmother peeling plums and then putting them in varna water to be tight and in place of stone putting pecan nuts.Then cook until thickening and mergers remain whole and not squash.Serve it in small dishes with a glass of water.To me is really quite ,, she turned round *and why did it simpler.The evening Sprinkle with sugar plums (without water) and dr.den they released their juice izvarih thickens.Then I put the plums and dovarih until soften, without disintegrating the mess and finally put whole nuts.Again became tasty, but more beautiful with peeled plum-stand like glass.

Akva7 enough! Oh what is it yummy! And my grandmother made such sweet with peeled plum. Did the same and sweet figs and apricots. Sweet plums / prunes should not be ripe / had a dark golden color, and the fruit really stood transparent. Plums do not rent the two until the end - but only enough to remove the stone. Putting peeled almonds or apricot pits inside. I still remember the scent of geranium. This sweet grandmother held him in small jars and gave us of it, served in the pie plate - one plodche only on special occasion.