The banitsa Aunt

Submitted by enr on 12 Apr 2010
400-500 g ready peel
# For the filling:
4 eggs
100 g flour
300 g feta cheese
200 g butter or margarine
400 g yogurt
The banitsa Aunt
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Beat in deep bowl 4 eggs, 400 g of yogurt and 100 g of flour. The mixture should be thick as boza. Take one crust and sprinkle with a mixture - I put plenty. Put it on another sheet of sheet on which crush part of the feta cheese and part of the pre-melted butter. Turn two sheets of roll and then turn in the tray for round banitsa and so alternately until you fill the tray. If you remain mixture, sprinkle it with the banitsa top. I roast on a preheated oven for about 20 minutes and then leave her for another 10 minutes off oven.
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12 Apr 2010


Banitsa became superb! I poured it with 2 eggs beaten with a little eg. Milk with butter. Bravo for the recipe!

Thank you. I am glad that you liked.

Today I made and my mother in law said that a good pie I have not done! Thanks for the great recipe!

Bianca pie with products that I put, but the order in which they put makes it a better and more successful than mine. It is *sweet.* Delicious meals !!! :) :)

I washed over her as Manny, get to suuuper! Thanks for the delicious recipe! :)

Great recipe, make it often, unfortunately, quickly eating and not left to photograph. It juicy and delicious! Thank bianca1234!

to me-I did not like personal opinion!