Banitsa with minced meat, mushrooms and cheese

Submitted by enr on 11 Feb 2011
500 g filo pastry sheets (possibly thicker)
300 g minced meat
1 onion
4-5 field mushrooms
100 g cheese
sunflower oil
Ronen savory, spices for the filling of your choice, salt
Banitsa with minced meat, mushrooms and cheese
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Cut the mushrooms and onion, mix with minced meat, salt and spices and fry. Greased baking tray, which will bake. Spread fried stuffing on half a sheet of peel and curl, starting from filling. Arrange rolled sheets in the tray, sprinkle the top lightly with sunflower oil and a little water and bake at 200 C, while the sheet slightly blush. During this time, grate cheese grater and after the banitsa is almost ready, sprinkle with cheese and savory crumbling. Once the cheese is browned, remove and let cool. To make it more juicy the banitsa sprayed with a little water while hot. Cut it in portions and serve.
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11 Feb 2011


Sounds prevyzhodno tomorrow for breakfast definitely will do. Thank you for the recipe

Much yummy! I used 2 sheets of pastry that I was thin. Sprinkle cheese before, I poured a little liquid cream and then sprinkled with oregano, savory instead. Put photos and the recipe already in favorites. Thank you, Diana! :)

mimina, seems strange, even my priyadat much;) nice pictures!

recipe I feel great!

Today I made the pie, I used round filo pastry and are not curl, and Reddy layers. 500 g peel put 1 kg beef, mushrooms 250 g and 300 g tomato sauce for pasta that I had stayed another cooking. Sprinkled with 200 g nasargana mozzarella. Was very tasty, juicy pie, nyapomnyashta of taste and appearance lasagna :)