Biscuit layered cake with caramel-cream cream

Submitted by enr on 21 Aug 2014
350 g biscuits (use * Fifth Ber * - white and cocoa)
1 cup milk or juice compote
# For the cream:
1 liter milk
6 tbsp sugar
2 eggs
6 tbsp flour
400 ml cream confectionery
cocoa or chocolate sprinkles for sprinkling
Biscuit layered cake with caramel-cream cream
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In the pot, which will Boil the cream put 3 tbsp sugar and place on the stove to caramelized. When the sugar browned, carefully pour 700 ml milk and leave on the stove, stirring periodically, until caramel is melted. Add the remaining 3 tbsp sugar. In a bowl beat eggs, add the flour, vanilla and remaining milk and stir until homogeneous. Pour it into the boiled milk with caramel and stir 5-6 minutes to thicken. We cool cream to room temperature. whipped cream and continue to beat with a mixer at low speed add the cooled milk cream, spoon by spoon. In rectangular 30h20 cm redim biscuits, having first dip briefly in milk or juice compote. Arrange a layer of white biscuits, pour the cream. Next line of cocoa biscuits and cream again. And while run biscuits and cream. Top cream and sprinkle chocolate sprinkles. If we provide cocoa sprinkled before presentation. The cake is better to stay at least overnight in refrigerator to harden. * The biscuits are similar to ordinary biscuits only that they are thin.
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21 Aug 2014
sweet and salty


mimetics, sounds to me very tasty! Home adore biscuits and cakes, so that this will not miss it :)

mimetics, and to me it sounds delicious! :) I toss recipe waiting line will be made mandatory. As we eat too sweet, I think that sugar will treble with us! :)

Mimi, how big are the big packs of these biscuits? And biscuits Have any?

Pack of 175 grams. Similar to ordinary biscuits only that they are thin.