Bread in home baking

Submitted by enr on 22 Dec 2011
600 g flour
320 ml water
2 large measuring spoons sunflower oil
1 large spoon sugar measurement
2 small measuring spoons salt
1 packet of dry yeast 7 g
2-3 tbsp mix of various seeds - optional
Bread in home baking
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In court baking machine first put the liquid ingredients, the water should be at room temperature. Then add sugar and salt, add the sifted flour, it must cover the liquid. Flour is put on the yeast, and by ensuring that it does not mix with water. Is placed on the program for 1 kg of bread when you hear the beep opens the lid of the machine and pour the mix of seeds. After baking the bread with a towel to soften the crust.
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22 Dec 2011


Exactly which program is put bread because my machine all programs can be adjusted the weight, only to express bread which is 1, 20 h for 1 kg. I guess this program exactly you mean.

Thanks for evaluation, for me is very valuable. Bread of the first program to me is automatic, it includes itself as turn on the machine, continues 3h. and 20 min. I have tried to express program, but the result did not like and do not use it.

as well as MIM describe certain trimmer you that I and my mulineks makes .. it means to be set to 1 kg and first program for basic bread. Thank you ..

Mame, supposedly replied immediately, but I wiped the answer? Clipper my Elite, nothing special ...

I put kefir 300g / not only water / 1yaytse and became great bread

This is a good variyant, I tried with egg, buttermilk but I have not looked back since. Thank you tried and you like.

To share my experience-and I bake bread to your program, which is about 1 kg and 1 hour and 30 minutes, also much yeast and add another one measuring teaspoon and the water is hot-35-40 degrees. Bread with any meal, but when stop meddling after signal-ons queue container without turning off the machine, close the lid as not cool-tip out the dough on a lightly floured surface, it ooformyam Lescaut as bread-not interfere or squish, scoot stirrer / stirrers and back shaped bread in the container, with a razor blade or sharp knife make several cuts above and go back the container in the machine to complete the program of the heat-baked crust after bake pull it immediately and put it on the grill wrapped in cloth for it to cool, then Eaux Vives in the towel and put it in a bag, so it softens the crust-we are two and one such us bread takes 2-3 days.

Here is my implementation of this recipe. Mix liquid ingredients in the court of the bakery and if use cord butter or margarine, a little warm water. Then in a bowl measured quantity of flour and add the remaining dry ingredients, without yeast. Mix well and add to the court in the water. Frame well, where empty yeast. I tried two programs of the machine - a major and French bread. Better get in the main program. Try it and you!

I decided to do a crap - you've search and gambling personality. Screeners fresh fine wheat bran - 300 g + 300 g white flour type 500 + 400 ml. water + everything else in the recipe without nuts or seeds. After Sigalas will interrupt the process and start it again. This will make the period of rising longer. Expect to receive something if you're going to eat, I am sure that my backyard hens will be very happy. But rather imagine that get something hubavooo. A! Then will we called RECIPE OF ONE crazy.

Bread looks great! I do not know how you obtained sunny top ?!My Mulineks is as *anemic*!

Pekka as mamcheto61 for baked crust. Everyone knows the clipper, but there is no upper heater above it is lighter crust.

Great recipe every time, really good! And batter cakes and bread! Thank you! :)